Davoren Park training driving a passion for heavy vehicle apprentices

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Passion and enthusiasm were on display this week, as Heavy Vehicle Apprentices from Collins Transport, Komatsu, North East Tractors and North East Isuzu came to MTA Davoren Park to study heavy vehicle wheel and tyre subjects.

The reason a person chooses to become an automotive apprentice can often determine whether or not they are successful. A job that pays the bills is one thing, but a career gives you pride and excitement, making going that extra mile just that bit easier.

MTA Training and Employment held an impromptu roundtable discussion with 1st and 2nd year apprentices Clay Flanagan, Jesse Lee, Mark Petty, Luke Squillace, Lachlan Ewen, Tyson Mellor, and Harrison Cervantes- Fuller to discover more about why they want to be heavy vehicle apprentices, what they really like about it and where they think their automotive journey will lead them.

Each of the apprentice started by saying how they preferred coming to MTA Davoren Park. Being close to their workplace, and a wider variety of vehicles and equipment to train on meant that they had a greater mechanical understanding as well as a better idea of the opportunities within the industry.

Being a smaller facility, the apprentices said they enjoyed having more one on one time with trainers, and becoming good mates with each other who looked out for one another. They also felt that the more laid back setting made it easier to ask questions and deepen their understanding.

Demonstrating their self - confidence, and having a clear understanding of their own motivations, the apprentices enthusiastically agreed that the long term opportunity to work in a modern and well-paying career was a key factor in becoming a heavy vehicle apprentice.

Apprentices also were eager to discuss how job satisfaction was an important factor in their apprenticeship, saying that to see large and complex machines on the road that they had helped fix made them proud.

Collins Transport Apprentice, Alessandro Di Lalla, said working for a company with the quality reputation of Collins was important to him.

“All of the Collins Trucks are maintained to a very high standard. It’s a great privilege to work for a company like Collins because of the standards that they have.

At the end of the discussion, each of the apprentices were of the view that MTA Davoren Park, and other MTA training locations across the state, was the way go if apprentices wanted to see where the opportunities could take them.