Counting of time in written work diaries

Public news

Further to the NHVR’s Information Evening held on 21 November, Peter Thomas, the NHVR’s Principal Safety and Compliance Officer, has asked us to communicate clarification of the discussion in regards to the counting of time in written work diaries.

Please note that he has also invited members to contact him regarding this or any other compliance issue. You can contact Peter by clicking here.

  • The Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) requires that drivers who use a written work diary must count work in 15 minute periods.
  • The law does not require that you commence recording time from the hour or from a “15 minute increment of the hour” but it does require that work times are counted in 15 minute periods:
  • A period of less than 15 minutes must be counted as work time.
  • All work time must be counted in 15 minute periods.
  • Rest times must be counted in blocks of time no less than 15 minutes and any period of rest less than 15 minutes must be discounted.
  • The NHVL also provides the example below of counting of rest time.
  • A period of not working for 17 minutes counts as 15 minutes rest time, because 17 minutes is more than 15 minutes, but is less than 2 lots of 15 minutes (30 minutes).
  • As such whilst you can identify the actual times of work and rest changes in the work dairy page you need to “count your work” in only 15 minute increments.
  • Whilst a driver is able to nominate the actual time of changes from work to rest and rest to work in the comments area the counting of work will have to be based on the 15 minute work period requirement.
  • In practice the 15 minute requirement will occur across days of work and rest which means that it will be very difficult to accurately maintain the recording of work or rest breaks on anything other than the 15 minute increment of an hour.

The directions in the front of the work diary provide good guidance on how this works in practice.

If you have any further questions, contact Peter Thomas, Principal Safety and Compliance Officer Regulatory Compliance with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator by clicking here.