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New data from the ACCC last week highlighted the variations in petrol from retailer to retailer.

The ACCC’s report details the annual average price for petrol throughout 2017 with ACCC Chairman Rod Sims saying, “Our analysis of petrol prices shows the range between major retailers with the highest average price and lowest average price varied across each city considerably. Independent chains were the lowest priced in each of the five major cities and Woolworths was generally below the market average price in most cities. Average prices at Coles Express were the highest in all five cities, and average prices at retail sites where BP and Caltex head office sets the retail price were generally above the market average price."

Mr Sims gave his thoughts on the best way to keep the price of petrol down by saying, “Shopping around has the added benefit of increasing competition by putting pressure on retailers who charge the most to lower their prices or risk losing customers."

The average prices of Liberty, Woolworths and other service stations in the ‘small independents’ category in Adelaide were below the market average price of 126.3 cpl and average prices of Caltex COCO were equal to the market average price.

On the Run and Coles Express, who make up 49% of the total number of retail sites in Adelaide were found to be consistently above the market average price for 2017.

The MTA will continue its message to consumers to support independent fuel retailers in an effort to keep the cost of petrol down for all road users.

The graph below shows the difference between each major retailer’s annual average RULP price and the market annual average RULP price in Adelaide in 2017: