Consistency is the key!

Public news

MTA trained apprentices Shane Marshall, Nicholas Fealy-Taylor, Lachlan Mosely and Shar Axleby prepped and primed surf boards last week for Lowbake Australia.

MTA Trainer, Matt MacDonald said, “It’s good to get apprentices trying something a bit different every now and then. Exposing apprentices to different materials, techniques and suppliers is a good way to broaden their skills and expand their learning.”

“The apprentices had to follow instructions given to us from Lowbake, a supplier we have a great relationship with. There were different methods that they could have used and it was important that they picked one method and stuck with that for consistency, which was the key to success with this project. Every board had to look the same so that when they are presented back to Lowbake for the final artwork to be applied, there would be no imperfections.”

The surf boards will now be handed back to Lowbake Australia and will have custom artwork applied to them at the MotorEx Festival in Melbourne next month. The festival will include contributions from SEMA, VCM, Drift Cadet Driftworld, West Coast Customs from the USA, Meguiars, Street Machine magazine and more at the Melbourne showgrounds on May the 11th and 12th.

Click below to see them in action in the MTA’s paint booth.

The surf boards arrived with instructions from Lowbake to sand them, remove imperfections and clean before priming.

The surf boards were then primed on one side with three to four coats of a high build primer filler to fill any imperfections and then air dried.

The MTA was pleased to provide the prep and prime work for Lowbake and we look forward to seeing the final products after the festival.