Changes to windscreen Australian Standards

Public news

The glazing standards of windscreens have been a focus of Standards Australia recently, leading to a revision of AS 2080:2019 Safety Glazing for Land Vehicles.

The standard AS2080:2019 specifies the requirements and testing methods for flat, curved toughened and laminated safety glass for windscreens and other glass for land vehicles.

This revision of AS 2080:2019 specifies methods of testing for windscreens and other glazing for power-driven land vehicles and the changes aim to establish testing requirements, throughout the design and manufacturing processes, that will help ensure the integrity of the materials.

As a result of the review, the standard is now aligned with the current Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 8/01- Safety Glazing Material 2005). Previously, repairers who were involved in automotive glass replacement were negatively affected by conflicts across the standards and this revision recites this. The amendments also bring the standards in line with the associated United Nations international standard (ECER43), which Australian law adopts.

Auto Glass Association President, Rick Janssen said, "The revised document will increase consumer confidence in the auto glass repair industry and eliminate confusion amongst auto glaziers about which rules affect them. Consumers are more familiar with Australian Standards than they are the Australian Design Rules so aligning the two will make it easier for them to interpret and understand.”