Changes to Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Act endorsed

Public news

Over the last three years, the MTA has been pushing Consumer and Business Services (CBS) for a review of Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Regulation in South Australia to modernise current laws with modern business practice and cut down on red tape.

While progress on this important body of reform was disrupted due to the initial impacts of COVID-19, in September, CBS opened consultation on proposed changes, seeking input from the MTA among other relevant stakeholders. It was pleasing to see the overwhelming majority of updates proposed by us were endorsed by CBS, such as removing the waiver of cooling-off rights and stronger penalties for odometer tampering.

While statutory warranty changes were not included in the suite of reforms proposed by CBS, we have highlighted the fact that older vehicles greater than 10 years of age and 160,000km are predominantly sold in the private market. We then made the case for South Australia to have greater alignment with the rest of the country to bring more dealers into this space for the net consumer benefit of the motoring public.

The MTA’s submission in response has been formally lodged with CBS and we are looking forward to seeing draft legislation for the State Government to progress.