Changes to Regulation 90 and ERA Warranty and Service Booklet

Public news

Members may recall being notified of changes to Regulation 90 of Australian Consumer law that come in to effect on the 9th of June. For a reminder of that communication, click here.

The National Engine Reconditioners Association would like to find out if MTA members are still using the ERA Warranty and Service Booklet.

If it is still used, we will need to revise it. If not, members may be using their own or covering their obligations with a Repair Authority (S82) from MTA’s Print & Stationery department.

Please find a sample of both here:

  • ERA Warranty and Service record
  • Repair Authority (S82)
  • You repair goods which may contain user generated Data
  • You may supply refurbished goods, rather than repair the original goods, as a common option for customers whether or not you know before repairing the goods you will use refurbished goods.

If you don’t use the warranty and Service record they won’t be updated and will be discontinued.

Members are reminded that it is a legal requirement to provide a Repair notice under ACL where:

The MTA’s Repair Authority (S82) meets the legal requirements and provides repairers with a number of other protections included in terms and conditions.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Industry Engagement Specialist, Paul Back, for more information by clicking here.