Consumer and Business Services continue their support of second-hand vehicle dealers.

Public news

We are pleased to report that Consumer and Business Services (CBS) are continuing to put the Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund to good use.

Four South Australians have been put on notice after allegedly selling cars without a Second-hand Vehicle Dealer’s License.

All four individuals have entered into written assurances with CBS agreeing to no longer carry on business as a second-hand car dealer without the appropriate licence.

The maximum penalty is a $100,000 fine for a first or second offence of this type. While we would have preferred a more robust penalty the MTA acknowledges that the written assurance result demonstrates CBS’s commitment to police our industry.

We continue to urge MTA members to “Dob in a Backyarder” by clicking here. Consumers need to be aware of the many protections afforded when purchasing from licensed vehicle dealers and the fact they far outweigh any appearance of monetary saving when buying privately.

If you have any suspicion at all of any unlicensed selling, please send relevant information (like screenshots from social media or websites) to Nathan Groves by clicking here.

You can read CBS’s announcement by clicking here.