Casual terms award review

Public news

Following the introduction of new casual employee definition and casual conversion arrangements to the Fair Work Act 2009, the Fair Work Commission has been tasked to review relevant terms in modern awards to ensure consistency and appropriate interaction.

The Commission is required to complete its review by 27 September 2021. Where the review finds an inconsistency, difficulty or uncertainty, the Commission must vary the modern award as soon as possible.

The Commission is conducting this review in two stages. The first stage will consider the nature and scope of the review, and will review relevant terms in a small group of modern awards that raise a range of possible interaction issues. The Full Bench will issue a decision on the outcome of its review of the initial group of awards, and also determine the process for the second stage of the review. The second stage will review the remaining modern awards in convenient groups, based on the decision made in the first stage.

The MTA will continue to update members on changes to the modern awards most commonly utilised by those in our industry.

If members need assistance with modern awards, please contact the WR team on, or on 8291 2000.