Casual staff potentially entitled to annual leave!

Public news

Yesterday, the full bench of the Federal Court found that casual workers may be entitled in certain circumstances to annual leave.

This applies to systematic and rostered casuals who are not considered casual employees for the purposes of the National Employment Standards.

This means that where you have an employee who works a regular roster, who is employed as a casual, they may be entitled to annual leave and potentially other leave under the National Employment Standards.

The Workplace Relations Department has developed essential resources for members to ensure that their employees will remain regular and systematic casuals, and not be entitled to both leave payments AND a casual leave loading.

For members who employ casual employees on a regular roster, please click here to contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations team as a matter of urgency or call 8291 2000 to discuss this issue, as it is complex and requires your urgent attention.

We also strongly urge any members who have casual staff to contact the MTA’s Workplace Relations team to enquire about our Payroll Training to ensure your business is protected by clicking here or by calling 8291 2000.