Business Growth Forums gain momentum

Public news

The MTA Membership Services Team recently revamped the way zone meetings were run, putting a stronger emphasis on giving members an insightful night where they could not only engage with other local motor trade business leaders but hear from industry and government figures on the big issues effecting them.

Having now conducted a number of these nights, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the team hope to continue growing the offer into next year.

“It’s great to see solid numbers at our zone meetings and watch members really engage with our guest speakers and have their questions answered,” MTA Membership and Division Manager, Nathan Groves said.

“Whilst there are always formalities to conduct, we run these nights to benefit members and want to make them as interesting and worthwhile as possible.”

Deciding where the MTA’s advocacy efforts will be focused is an important part of these meetings too, as the more anecdotal evidence we can gather on the subject, the more chance our advocacy team have when lobbying all levels of government.

Our meetings so far have had presenters from the Department of Education, speaking on vocational pathways and how we attract the best and brightest to the automotive industry, and representatives from partner businesses, like Spirit Super who explained to members the new stapling laws for new employee’s superannuation.

The MTA’s own Workplace Relations (WR) Team have attended to deliver the '7 Steps to Dealing with Difficult Customers' session and answer a whole range of tricky WR questions.

Coming up, we have the Barossa, Light and Lower North Zone AGM on Tuesday 12 October, the Yorke and Mid North Zone Meeting on Wednesday 20 October and the Hills and Murraylands (Mt Barker) Zone Meeting on Tuesday 26 October. Don’t miss it!