Australian Standards for Automotive Maintenance and Repair

Public news

At the national Auto Repair Division meeting (AARA) in Melbourne last week, The MTA’s Auto Repair and Engineering Divisional chair Michael McMichael and MTA Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back, had the Australian Standard Document for Automotive Servicing brought to their attention. The document was initially developed in 1998 but withdrawn in April 2017, due to a lack of interest from the automotive industry and other stakeholders to maintain. However, from the meeting, it is clear that there is still interest from some Repairers to revive this.

The national AARA committee has agreed to investigate why the standard was not continued and we want to discuss with you if the document should be revived and updated, as well as utilised as a common standard for all Repairers.

The Standard: AS 2905.11, was prepared by the Joint Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand Committee QR/2, Quality of Service. It was the result of a consensus among Australian and New Zealand representatives on the Joint Committee to produce it as an Australian Standard.

The objective of the document was to provide guidance to those involved in the motor vehicle maintenance and repair sector on the application and implementation of The Standard: AS/NZS ISO 9002:1994, quality systems and act as a model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing.

If you have had much to with this document in the past or wish to be involved in this review, please contact the MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back to share your thoughts, views and expertise by clicking here.

The Committee also discussed the Access to Repair and Servicing Information Code of Conduct development, the review of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training system, licensing of repairers, national consistency with VSB14, customer supplied parts, Temporary Skills Visa’s and we were advised by the MTAA’s CEO Richard Dudley, that we expect a Draft Code for governing access to repair and servicing information to be open for consultation in June. Keep an eye on this as we will require member feedback on that subject as soon as we acquire the Draft Code.

A reminder for repairers, save the date, 16th of May in your diary to attend the Repair Division Meeting where we will discuss these items further. We have made significant changes to the format of our meetings, so make sure you come along and see what we have to offer!

Click here to register for the meeting. The meeting will be held at the MTA's Training and Employment Centre at Royal Park where we will discuss many issues currently facing Automotive Repairers.