Australian Safety Standards for the safe use of cranes, hoists and winches

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Does your business use cranes, hoists or winches? To ensure a safe workplace it is vital that all aspects of a crane, hoist or winch’s life cycle be managed competently.

Australian Standard 2550.1—2011 specifies the general requirements for the safe use of cranes, hoists and winches.

The Standard specifies the following maintenance, inspection and repair requirements:

  • Pre-operational checks to be carried out by the operator.
  • Routine inspections shall be carried out at intervals of 3 months, in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Annual Inspections shall be carried out by a “competent Third Party” and shall cover:
    • All structural, wear and safety components
    • Tolerances for wear limits
    • Corrosion
    • Non-destructive inspection of critical welds

The Standard also requires that a continuous working record (Log Book) of significant events concerning safety and operation of a crane, hoist or winch must be maintained and made readily available.

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