Australia's car owners are paying $1 billion extra per year!

Public news

The ACCC has told a Parliamentary Inquiry that the voluntary data-sharing system that car makers agreed to in 2014 is not working for consumers and that road users are paying $1 billion extra per year because manufacturers refuse to share technical information with independent mechanics.

Chair of the ACCC, Rod Sims, reiterated comments he made last year, telling the House of Representatives' Standing Committee on Economics in September, "We are convinced that some form of mandatory arrangement needs to be in place.”

Prior to the Federal Election, both Liberal and Labor promised to develop a Code of Conduct governing Access to Automotive Servicing and Repair Information, including technical data and security coding. However, repairers across the country have complained to the Federal Government that progress on a Code of Conduct has been too slow.

The ACCC acknowledged in 2017 that manufacturers and dealers are not one and the same and the development of a Code of Conduct will be an important next step in determining how increased access to service and repair data can be delivered with fairness and balance for franchise dealers and independent repairers.