August Vehicle Registration Reports

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In August, South Australia produced a total of 33,929 new and used registrations, representing a 5% decrease year-over-year, with 1,927 less vehicles registered than in August 2018 and 5.9% down on July this year.

New Sales

Nationally, June produced a total of 85,633 units, down 10% year-over-year.

Locally, we reported 1,513 sales.

The year-over-year comparison of August registrations are as follows:

  • New Cars (light vehicles) down by 8% (-463) – 5,282 units
  • Motorcycles down by 22% (-66) – 229 units
  • Tractors and Industrial Machinery down by 29% (-72) – 177 units
  • Caravans down by 1% (-3) – 220 units
  • Truck and Bus even at 228 units

Dealer sales

August: Dealer sales totalled 5,724 for the month. This is down 3.0% (-173 units) Year-over-Year (5,897 units transferred in August 2018). YTD: Dealer sales total 44,223. For the same time in 2018, the number was 44,093.

Private sales

August: private market totalled 14,764 vehicle transfers. This is down 6.1% (-930 units) Year-over-Year (15,694 units transferred in August 2018). YTD: Private market is at 110,867. For the same time in 2018, the number was 118,300.


In relation to motorcycles, there were 1,688 total registrations (new and used) in SA. This is 7% up on July 2018.

New registrations (at 229 units) were down 22% Year-over-Year in SA (-295 units). This puts the YTD result at 17% down YTD from 2018.

August’s Used registrations in SA of 1,441 were 5% up Year-over-Year (+67 units) and up 6.9% on July.

Dealer to Private registrations, at 164 units, like the last five months, were up on the previous two Year-over-Year results (115 and 94 respectively). The 42% increase Year-over-Year is significant. The last six months in this space have each seen increases on the previous two years. This continues to be a very positive period for the second-hand motorcycle market. In fact, we’ve gone back four years to look at this six month period (February to August) to see the growth in the Dealer to Private market at this time of the year:

  • 2016 – 612 sales
  • 2017 – 641 sales
  • 2018 – 680 sales
  • 2019 – 791 sales

In 2018, 77.8% of used bike sales were Private to Private. The current YTD percentage has dropped slightly to 76.3%.

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