August Registration Reports

Public news


In August, South Australia produced a new and used total of 35,856 registrations.

An important breakdown of the data is:

  • A 1% increase Year-over-Year with 413 more vehicles registered than in August 2017 which saw 35,443 registrations.
  • Both new and used vehicle registrations contributed equally to this slight increase.

August produced some results that were an improvement on a slow July (up 11.3% - 95,221 units compared to 85,551). However, there was a slight Year-over-Year decrease from August 2017 of 1.5%. The Year-to-date running rate continues to be behind 2017.

Locally in South Australia, results were slightly better with a 17% increase on July (5,878 units compared to 5,022) and 88 units more than August last year. This provided for a slight gain on the Year-to-date comparison to 2017.

Year-Over-Year comparison of August registrations from 2017 to 2018:

New Cars (light vehicles) up by 1% (+34)

Motorcycles down by 1% (-3)

Tractors and Industrial Machinery up by 13% (+38)

Caravans down by 13% (-34)

Truck and Bus up by 45% (+71)

Used (Light vehicle) registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers, for example) totalled 29,269. This was on par with August last year (+59 units) and down by 2% on July (-583 units).

From the data that the MTA receives from DPTI, we can assume that Dealer transfers to combined Private and Business entities are an accurate representation of licensed vehicle dealer sales in the used car market. Business entities are recorded by DPTI as any ABN holder that is not a licensed vehicle dealer.

These transfers totalled 5,897 for the month. This is up by a very pleasing 400 units on August 2017.


There were 1,658 total registrations (new and used). This is 139 units more than August 2017 (+9.0%) and 103 units up on July (+6.6%).

New registrations (at 303 units) were up 31 units on July (11.4%) and only down by 13 units Year-over-Year.

August’s Used registrations of 1,355 were 13% up on August last year (152 units) and 5.6% up on July (72 units).

Unfortunately, the increase was due to stronger Private to Private transfers. They saw a slight increase from the previous two months (to 913 units).

Dealer to Private registrations were again on par with the yearly average – 114 units.

If you have any questions regarding the figures for August, contact the MTA’s Industry Engagement Specialist Nathan Groves by clicking here.