ASQA is cracking down on RTO’s

Public news

A recent investigation into the Vocational Education and Training sector has identified a rort involving ‘ghost schools’ who are providing little to no study and their international students are gaming the visa system in order to earn an income rather than get an education.

The rort, which was confirmed to the Australian Financial Review by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s), migration agents and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has led to a crackdown by ASQA and the cancellation of registration of RTO’s who are not meeting requirements.

ASQA said that it has been concerned of late by the “significant risk” currently in the VET market and has increased its spot auditing activity. The figures are startling and should ring alarm bells for RTO’s who are flouting compliance and regulations. In 2015-16, ASQA cancelled the registration of 69 RTO’s nation-wide. By 2017-18, this figure had risen to 322 cancellations.

Chief Commissioner of ASQA, Mark Paterson said, “We raised the bar on entry requirements, we’ve tightened our scrutiny of ‘fit and proper standing’ for RTO’s, their financial viability and how they intend to deliver a service. The majority of providers are delivering high quality training and meeting their obligations but we have had an increase in the number of significant regulatory actions we are taking, because we are focussed on risk.”

The MTA was pleased to announce in June this year that our application to renew as a RTO was granted by ASQA for a period of seven years to September 2025, the longest period attainable, highlighting our commitment to compliance. The MTA is committed to a program of monitoring, reviewing and evolving our training packages as we seek to provide outstanding and supported career pathways for young people.