Are you using our new Repair Authority?

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The MTA’s Repair Authority document sets out your mutual obligations and accurately describes what your trading terms will be.

Previously, the MTA has informed members of the need to use an updated Repair Authority prior to commencing work on a vehicle. The Australian Government has made a change to Australian Consumer Law and has decided to include additional mandatory wording on Repair Authorities.

Quite simply, our Repair Authority sets out an understanding between repairers and customers and puts you and your business in a strong legal position if a dispute should arise, while adhering to the next mandatory text requirements. So, ensure you are using the new one!

View the video below which summarises our Repair Authority document and how you can obtain it:

The MTA’s Repair Authority sets out:

  • Your payment terms and actions you may take in the event a customer doesn’t pay
  • Explaining what diagnose time is and time that they may be required to be paid for (at your discretion)
  • Warranty provisions and what is required in the event of a claim
  • Your limit of liability if they refuse any recommended parts or services
  • Customer supplied parts and the use of reconditioned parts
  • Storage charges
  • Your duty of care under the Road Traffic (Light Vehicle Standards) (2018) Rules 19, 20 to report any serious defects to DPTI or SAPOL.
  • Sub-let repairs
  • Loss of data in the customer’s vehicle

All you need to do is click here to contact MTA Print if you want to order a Repair Authority book or click here to access the MTA’s Membership Portal to access the template.