We need your input!

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The MTA’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO) is always looking to improve delivery of training, Learning Management System (LMS) materials and facilities.

As hosts and employers of automotive apprentices, your input in our quarterly Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) survey helps to tell us how your apprentice’s learning is progressing and where improvements can be made.

To help us develop the MTA's training programs (RTO No. 2293), please fill in the short Host / Employer survey by clicking here.

To maintain this continuous improvement program and ongoing compliance of the RTO, your feedback is important to us, so please respond to the survey.

A separate survey has been sent to apprentices who train through the MTA’s RTO. If you have an apprentice who trains through the MTA’s RTO, please get them to fill out the Learner Questionnaire by clicking here.