April Vehicle Registration Report

Public news

South Australia produced a total of 31,351 registrations in April covering new and used vehicles, a good year on year result.

This represented a pleasing increase with 2,701 more vehicles registered than in April 2017 which reached 28,650 registrations, an increase of 9%.

The national new vehicle sales result for April was on par with April 2017 (82,930 units compared to 83,135) but would have felt disappointing with a 22% decrease on last month. However, South Australia fared slightly better with a 3.5% Year-Over-Year increase (5,126 units compared to 4,951) but a 19% decrease on March sales.

Sports Utility Vehicles in South Australia remain strong with SUVs taking 44.8% of the registration share in April, compared to 32.7% passenger vehicles.

Used light vehicle registrations, which include first time registered in SA totalled 25,205 in April. This represents a 6.7% increase on April last year. The year to date dealer to private registrations is slightly up, being 19,653 this time in 2017 and 19,686 as of the end of April this year.

Positively, year on year sales for Trucks in South Australia are up by 72 units representing a 55% increase in sales.

The April Motorcycle Registration data for South Australia shows positives and negatives with 237 total registrations (new and used) less than March this year (-12.6%) but a large increase of 211 units Year-Over-Year from April 2017 (+15%).

New registrations for motorcycles in South Australia were up by 49 units on April last year and on par with March’s result for this year.

April’s Used registrations were 239 units down on March (-15%) but 162 units up on April last year (+14%).

The MTA will continue its campaign of making consumers aware of the dangers of buying privately and that a licenced motorcycle dealer should be their first port of call when looking for a new motorcycle.

If you have any questions about April’s Registration Report, contact Nathan Groves by clicking here.