Apprentice to Diagnostic Technician, Dale Hawke

Public news

How many people can say they get to service cars in an environment surrounded by Ferrari’s, the latest high performance BMW’s and other luxury vehicles?

Fourth year Light Vehicle apprentice, Dale Hawke, started his career with the MTA in July 2013 and has had quite the journey through his apprenticeship towards his graduation this July.

Dale started servicing cars with his dad from a young age and says that fuelled his passion for all things automotive.

“I’ve always had a passion for cars and prior to employment, I learnt about being a mechanic from my dad. I really enjoyed it and decided to pursue it as a career. I applied for an automotive apprenticeship through Seek when I finished high school and found the initial training very rewarding. The first training block helps you a lot and although the training gets challenging as the years go by, if you push through it and keep learning, you’ll go far.”

Dale spoke about the training quality at the MTA as well saying, “I found the trainers to be excellent. They all have solid teaching methods and are passionate about getting you to succeed. Every three months, I was sent back to the MTA for training and my trainers including Jim Beare, Vince Salzone, Wayne Arnold, John Politis and Steve Richardson were all very knowledgeable in not only vehicles but also teaching methods.”