The Australian Motor Body Repairers Association recognises Audanet Private

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The Body Repair industry has been investing rapidly in new technologies and training to meet the ever changing designs and advances that all manufacturers are now including in their products. With this disruption come greater demands on repairers to meet their obligations to the customer in returning vehicles back to the road safely to pre-accident condition, with due care and skill.

To meet these standards, both repairers and insurers adhere to the MVIRI Code of Conduct which was first introduced in 2006. Although there has been some changes to the Code, the core principle remains; to carry out repairs in accordance with manufacturers technical specifications.

If this principle alone was in place in the USA, it may have prevented a repairer from accommodating an insurers cost model to incorrectly repair the vehicle. Click here to read about that specific case.

As industry is facing higher demand by insurers to produce an OEM repair method before commencing repairs we are also required to provide an estimate based on a somewhat mysterious and outdated formula, or use an insurer determined times guide and an hourly rate that also appears to be (dare I say) mystical in its development and reasoning. The MVIRI Code of Conduct supports the need to move from Funny Time and Money. So, how do we get there?

The MTAA recently provided a solution to this when it released a cost calculator for repairers to calculate their own charge out rate. This has been recognised by the ATO as a suitable costing tool and bench tested by the national accountancy firm BDO. To access the calculator click here to visit the AMBRA website by clicking here.

Where the OEM’s produce a method of repair that you need to follow to repair the vehicles they do not generally provide the times for these methods.

While there are four times guides in the market currently, only the Audanet Private platform has been able to include OEM sanctioned times, developed from 54 research centres across the globe and accurately producing research based times.

Realistic Estimate = A carefully considered hourly rate multiplied by OEM time and method.

When used in conjunction with a transparently calculated hourly rate through the industry’s cost calculator and a materials component applied transparently through the estimating platform, we can now confidently say the words ‘real time real money’. We can also legitimately present a fair and transparent estimate that meets and exceeds your statutory warranty obligations.

It is for this reason that AMBRA recognises the estimating platform

Click here to access the Audanet private website.