Addressing South Road Upgrade concerns

Public news

Members who conduct their business along South Road are understandably concerned about the potentially adverse impact on their business as a result of planned works that will link the recently completed Torrens to Torrens upgrade with the Darlington Upgrade Project.

We have been advised by the State Government that they are assessing options for the South Road upgrade which will minimise land acquisition, including tunnelling. Once concept plans have been developed, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will be able to advise of the potential impacts, future land requirements and timing before consultation.

DPTI has provided us with a fact sheet detailing how they work with communities and businesses to minimise impacts resulting from project construction and you can access this fact sheet by clicking here.

The Small Business Commissioner (SBC) has joined with the City of Adelaide and a number of other key stakeholders on a project to understand and develop mitigation strategies for the impact of large-scale developments on businesses and communities.

If you have been affected by a significant development near your business or have concerns about how your business might be impacted in the future, the SBC wants to hear from you.

Contact the Office of the Small Business Commissioner in relation to your concerns about the upgrade project or other intersections that have been announced on 8303 2026 or email them by clicking here.

If you are interested in obtaining further information, we strongly encourage you to email the State Government's North-South Corridor team by clicking here or by calling them on 1300 951 145.

Click here to email us if you have any concerns you would like to bring to our attention.