Addressing automotive recycling issues in South Australia

Public news

Recycling in the automotive industry has become a big issue for many businesses and not just automotive dismantlers. The MTA has been working on giving members a stronger voice to the State and Federal Government on ways these issues can be tackled, promoting and improving environmental best practice.

On Wednesday, 5 February 2020, the MTA hosted a Roundtable meeting with the South Australian Environment Protection Authority (EPA), brining members and government together.

In attendance was the Chief Executive Officer of the EPA, Tony Circelli, as well as his Directors for Regulation, and Policy and Legislation. The Roundtable heard from MTA members and industry experts across a diverse range of the automotive industry such as recycling, body repair, tyre retail, as well as automotive repair and engineering.

The roundtable was kicked off with a presentation on End of Life Vehicle Policy (ELV) by Motor Trades Association of Australia Chief Executive Officer, Richard Dudley, which outlined the scope and issues surrounding automotive waste products, international and interstate policy, as well as the proposal for South Australia to pilot an ELV through authorised treatment facilities. An ELV policy will be essential to help deal with the 500,000 vehicles coming off Australian roads each year, destined for landfill.

The EPA then heard from MTA members who raised not just the recycling issues they are facing, but also significant opportunities arising from their best practice activities already being undertaken and compliance surrounding automotive plastics, tyres and solvents.

Finally, the MTA presented its Green Stamp accreditation program to the EPA, highlighting the positive outcomes it has achieved for members and the potential to further strengthen it in the future. The MTA’s Workplace Relations team can assist your business with Green Stamp accreditation. Click here to contact the WR team.

Moving forward, it will be critical for the EPA and the government to create a level playing field for all automotive businesses and one that does not support poor business practice in regards to automotive waste management and recycling.

With significant work already being undertaken in Victoria towards automotive recycling and waste disposal guidelines between industry and the Victorian EPA, we remain hopeful of partnering with the South Australian EPA on similar work which may ultimately feed into a local and eventually national ELV policy environment.