Accessing technical repair and servicing data

Public news

The Motor Trade Association of South Australia today welcomed the Federal Government’s Consultation Paper for a Mandated Code of Conduct governing Access to Automotive Servicing and Repair Information.

“After many years of discussion, this is an important next step,” MTA CEO Paul Unerkov said.

“Our aim is to ensure that the Code balances the interests of independent repairer’s and franchise dealers to provide fair access at a fair price to vehicle manufacturer owned technical servicing and repair information,” he said.

“Once implemented, a Mandated Code will empower consumers with greater choice in who can repair and maintain their car.

“It will also drive competition in the market while protecting important vehicle security information,” Mr Unerkov said.

The Consultation Paper outlines a framework for increased access to information, including security related data, such as workshop and technician requirements, dispute resolution procedures and a governing committee, comprised of key industry stakeholders, to oversee the ongoing operation of the Code into the future.

“There is still a substantial amount of work to be done to ensure the Code works for independent repairers and franchise dealers and we look forward to participating in the process,” Mr Unerkov said.

Click here for the release from the MTAA.pdf.