A new mandatory data sharing law to be implemented

Public news

The Federal Government last week announced that it will introduce a new mandatory data sharing law in Australia to provide fair and equitable access to motor vehicle service and repair information.

Federal Assistant Treasurer, Hon. Michael Sukkar MP announced the Government's decision to introduce the law during a specially convened meeting between peak automotive representative organisations and Treasury Department Officials.

The proposed new law will mandate that all service and repair information car manufacturers share with dealership networks must also be available for independent repairers to purchase with the primary legislation to provide flexibility in its design and robust dispute resolution processes. It will also remove grey areas in the current voluntary arrangements by explicitly setting out a list of safety, security and environmental information that must only be released to appropriate businesses as well as set out clear criteria for access.

Throughout this process, the MTA has been working hard to ensure the Government's solution is a balanced outcome. We are focused on ensuring that independent and franchise repairers and dealerships are provided with fair access to automotive servicing and repair information at a fair price.

The Federal Government will continue to consult with the automotive industry and will work to progress the details of the mandated law ahead of drafting legislative provisions for broader public consultation.

The press release from the Assistant Treasurer can be accessed by clicking here.

A summary of the feedback received by the Federal Government is available on the Treasury consultation website which you can access by clicking here.

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