A new Graduated Licencing Bill for motorcyclists

Public news

The State Government will draft a new motorcycle graduated licencing Bill that will propose significant changes to the current Graduated Licencing Scheme (GLS) for motorcyclists in South Australia. While we do not have all the details in regards to the Bill that will be drafted, some details have already been reported by the State Emergency Services Minister and in the media.

The MTA has been engaged in the Motorcycle Reference Group for some time and while we were broadly supportive of the Centre for Automotive Safety Research's (CASR) recommendations in 2018, we were not supportive of the recommendation to increase the age of obtaining a motorcycle licence from 16 to 18. We asked that the minimum age be increased to 17 and include the requirement to hold any car licence (including L plates) for a minimum of 12 months and it appears at this stage that our request has been accepted in some form.

The draft Bill will also introduce imposed night time driving restrictions (between 12am and 5am) for learners under the age of 25.

We also asked the State Government to be mindful of those between the ages of 16 and 18 who rely on a motorcycle for the purposes of getting to and from work or while training and it appears that this request has also been acknowledged as well. While those in regional South Australia will also be able to apply for a learners motorcycle licence at 16 or 17 if they need a motorcycle for travelling to and from work, tertiary education or training.

The Emergency Services Minister said the proposal is designed to increase the maturity and road experience of potential riders before riding a motorcycle.

We are awaiting the details of the draft Bill and will be seeking your input when it is released.

In the meantime, if you would like to provide any feedback in relation to GLS, click here to contact Industry Engagement Specialist, Nathan Groves.