Written off vehicles with Takata airbags

Public news

On 11 September 2018, Product Safety Australia issued a bulletin on guidance for written off vehicles.

The notice sets out further obligations for Recyclers/Dismantlers and suppliers to follow when handling affected vehicles. It broadly relates to the removal or destruction of the airbag together with the vehicle and reporting requirements to OEM’s and the ACCC.

Click here to access the ACCC’s Takata Guidance on Written Off Vehicles.

For affected vehicles with ALPHA type inflators, two options are required to be followed. These steps are set out in the above mentioned bulletin and flow charts below.

MTA’s understanding of this is:

Where vehicles with Alpha type inflators is not able to be verified as deployed:

  • Suppliers are required to remove airbags from vehicles with alpha inflators if it is physically possible, (prior to supply)
  • If it’s not physically possible, they can supply it to you, and they must notify the OEM and ACCC of the supply with details of the sale and a signed undertaking from you that it will be eventually destroyed with the vehicle (in due course), (that is: not removed and destroyed but destroyed in the process of entire vehicle destruction).

Point two presents a WHS risk for your staff where the vehicle may be stored for a long period and MTA is making enquiries to find out if this is reasonably practical in those high risk situations and will advise accordingly.

If you have any questions about what which step you are required to follow on a case by case basis please don’t hesitate to contact out Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back by clicking here for further information.

The ACCC states they are unlikely to take enforcement action where a business has made ‘genuine efforts to comply’, takes the outlined steps, is responsive to their concerns and agrees to timely remediation.

MTA members are encouraged to read and retain the instructions and have them on stand-by for when you need to refer to them.