WHS management systems and how we can help your business

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Work Health and Safety (WHS) Management Systems can be described as the systematic methodology used to address work health and safety in an organisation.

With the correct system components in place, work health and safety issues can be addressed within this framework. This framework will include main structural components which should be designed to achieve WHS legislation conformance, including the following:

  • Policies addressing the commitment of the organisation and management to the implementation of work health and safety in the workplace
  • Documented accountabilities, roles and responsibilities
  • Document control and review
  • Communication and consultation strategies
  • Supervision which ensures workers are not placed at risk
  • Training and induction programs
  • Plant & Equipment Registers
  • Documented safe work method statements and procedures
  • Risk assessment addressing processes for identification of hazards, assessment of risk levels, and control methodologies
  • Hazard, near miss, incident and accident reporting, recording, investigation and analysis
  • Monitoring, measurement and evaluation of work health and safety management system implementation

Without these systems and procedures in place, you could be putting your business and staff at serious risk should an accident occur.

If your business needs assistance in setting up a WHS management system, click here to contact our WHS and RTW Coordinator, Cos Lamberto.