Trade plate renewals

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One of the most common problems that MTA members encounter is difficulty in renewing or applying for trade plates.

Always remember, that if you are a financial MTA member, we are authorised by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to recommend approval for applicants to hold a trade plate, saving you time and money!

If you are not a financial MTA member, application for renewal of a trade plate or obtaining one for the first time, requires a large list of primary documents to be submitted with your application.

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions and answers segment below that should clear up any questions you have in relation to trade plate renewals and applicants.

However, if you do still have questions, we are happy to help. Click here to contact us.

“How quick is the process through the MTA?”

Using our services in relation to renewing and applying for trade plates can save you a lot of time.

If you choose not to use the MTA to sign and stamp the MR304 and MR306 forms, applications through the Registrar of Motor Vehicles can take much longer, as going alone can mean a workshop inspection and producing numerous additional documents, including a Second-hand Vehicle Dealers Licence Certificate, Confirmation of Return to Work SA Registration documents, a current RAA Approved Repair Service Agreement documentation, an Extract of Business Registration and Extract of Company Registration, entry in the White and Yellow Pages, Notice of an ABN Number and Registered Business Name Certificate.

As a Member of the MTA, all you need to do is take your MR304 application (renewal) to our Greenhill Road office or the Training and Employment Centre at Royal Park. Alternatively, you can mail it to us.

If you are a new applicant, bring the completed MR304 and MR306 applications to us completed and signed.

We will then authorise and stamp the application for you to take to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles, speeding up the process and eliminating the need for extra documentation. This can all be done on the same day.

“Can we have a copy of our MTA Letter or Certificate to accompany our application form?”

You do not need either of these items if getting us to recommend approval to hold a trade plate. If you are using us to authorise and stamp the application, all you need is the completed forms.

“I haven’t paid my membership fees. Will you still authorise my applications?”

No. You must be up to date with your membership fees.

Getting the MTA to sign and stamp the MR304 and MR306 application will cost $16.50. This can be charged to either your Capricorn account or you can pay via Eftpos or credit card.

If you still need any clarification, please contact us on 8291 2000 so that we can answer any questions you may have.