Skilling South Australia achievements

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The State Liberal Government has revealed that their Skilling South Australia initiative has achieved almost 13,000 training commencements across a range of industries in its first year of the four year program and the MTA has been playing its role with great effect in our own industry.

Minister for Innovation and Skills, Hon. David Pisoni MP said, “We already have more than 80 Skilling South Australia projects underway, which are developed in partnership with businesses and training providers.”

What has the MTA achieved with Skilling South Australia?

We have been committed to the State Government’s Skilling South Australia initiative which has enabled us to give applicants the opportunity to experience what a modern automotive apprenticeship is like. With 204 applicants engaging in our pre-apprenticeship program to date, it is fair to call the work we are doing a success. From the 204 applicants who have participated in the program, 196 have begun an apprenticeship, a great result!

While the program gives potential apprentices good grounding before entering a full time apprenticeship, it is just step one on a four year journey. Automotive businesses are a necessary part of the Skilling South Australia initiative, as without businesses for apprentices to complete their training, there will be no apprenticeships.

Solid and positive relationships with schools are also fundamental to the future and strength of our industry. That is why we have placed such a strong focus on our School Pathways program which has been strengthened through the Skilling South Australia initiative.

In addition to the more than 60 school visits and community engagements we have contributed to, our Training and Employment Centre has established formal training relationships with Urrbrae and Underdale High School. We are seeking to forge relationships with other high schools in an effort to facilitate more automotive training programs.

This has also been supported by the State Government’s focus on Vocational Education Training (VET) programs, highlighting automotive trades as a strong choice for a career pathway, rather than just encouraging high school students to enter a degree as a first choice.

This necessary shift and focus away from a university education has been a long time coming.

This year’s annual BDO South Australian State Business Survey found that nearly half of local businesses surveyed had difficulties in finding and keeping workers with appropriate skills. State Opposition Leader, Peter Malinauskas said recently, “Nothing depresses me more than seeing a young man or woman who has gone through a period of education, attained what they thought were the skills that gave them the chance of getting a job and then being unable to find it.”

We have been promoting automotive career opportunities to high school students, teachers and parents in an effort to highlight the very real career pathways that are available in our industry and how the MTA can prepare them for a prosperous future. This has also been achieved through our commitment to the Skilling South Australia initiative and a number of videos and other promotional materials have been created to spark an interest in young people who may not have considered following their passion for all things automotive as a career.

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It’s also an exciting time for apprentices in the automotive industry, with many advances in technology. We, along with innovative leader, Tradiebot Industries, recently launched our Automotive Innovation Hub.

The Automotive Innovation Hub will help play a critical part in promoting new and innovative technology in the industry to schools, job seekers and our current workforce.

The Minister for Innovation and Skills said, “I commend the MTA and Tradiebot Industries for partnering on this initiative which demonstrates how important it is for vocational education and training to be up to date with the latest in modern technology.”

“It’s critical that we continue to grow the number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia by working with industry to meet the skills needs of our state’s existing and emerging industries, so that we can boost our economy, build productive infrastructure, grow our exports, and create long-term career pathways.”

Click here to read about the Automotive Innovation Hub.

In relation to the State Government’s Skilling South Australia initiative results so far, Minister Pisoni said, “I’m even more excited to see the long-term benefits of this four year program as we continue to create a pipeline of people with the skills to help South Australian businesses and industry grow.”

If you would like to host a MTA apprentice or inquire about you can help us promote opportunities in the automotive industry, click here to contact GTO Manager, Jason Polgreen.