Sell cars, motorcycles, trucks or boats?

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The Four Year Review process in relation to the Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair Services and Retail Award is progressing and is likely to be completed in the second half of this year. If you sell cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats and pay any commissions or bonuses to salespeople, we want to hear from you!

One of the important changes that will be implemented in the Award under this process relates to the Vehicle Salesperson classification, and how they are to be paid in the future.

Under the changes approved by the Commission, Vehicle Salespersons will be entitled to be paid for all hours worked in a week at the Award rate (currently at $22.04 per hour) and commission payments could be used to offset or compensate an employee for hours worked in excess of 38 hours in a week.

To achieve this outcome, employers will need to also conduct a reconciliation process at least once every three months. Members wishing to discuss the above variation further should contact the Workplace Relations Department of the MTA by clicking here.

In light of the upcoming changes, you are requested to complete our survey by 30 June by clicking here.

Data sent through the survey will be done so on an anonymous basis.

The information gathered will provide a clearer understanding on what approach is currently being adopted in the industry in relation to how vehicle salespersons are paid. Any extra information/details in your responses would be welcome.

All information gathered will be dealt with on a strictly confidential basis and will assist the MTA in assessing the impact of the changes on members and how best to address it. We look forward to your responses and being able to assist members in dealing with the upcoming changes.