Safety requirements for driving on tilt trays

Public news

We have completed our investigations as to whether or not tow truck operators can drive vehicles on and off a tilt tray.

DPTI’s Coordinator For Accident Towing has advised that this issue does not form part of the testing for Towing Certificates. The department tests an applicant’s ability to load and unload and secure an un-drivable vehicle only.

Drivers are provided with a Tow Truck Proficiency assessment guide when tested. Other training resources may be found in the Unit of Competency, Manage the Operation of a Tow Truck TLIC3035A. You can access the guide for this by clicking here.

Members are encouraged to read the Queensland study on preventing workers falling from trucks. A link on the study can be found by clicking here.

We also identified a relevant Code of Practice relating to falls from Safe Work Australia. You can access this by clicking here.

In light of this information, driving vehicles on and off tilt trays is not illegal, provided it is done safely and in accordance with Work Safely Legislation framework for providing a safe workplace. The MTA recommends using the Code of Practice, and conducting a risk assessment to determine whether or not it can be done safely.

For assistance in creating a policy document and risk assessment or to seek more information on Work Health and Safety guidelines in relation to tow truck safety, contact MTA’s Workplace Relations Department by clicking here.