October registration reports

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In October, South Australia produced a total (New & Used) of 34,529 registrations. This represents a 2% increase year over year with 756 more vehicles registered than in October 2017 and a 9.6% increase on September this year.

Nationally, October produced 90,718 units, down 5.3% year over year. The month was also down 4.2% on September this year by 3,993 units. This put the year to date number at approximately 1.4%, down on 2017.

In South Australia, the results tell a similar story, down 5.1% year over year, 5,533 compared to 5,831 last October, and down 3.3% on September. This equates to 1.9% down Year-to-Date compared to 2017.

SUV’s continue to lead the market share nationally at 43%, and in South Australia, taking 44%. Below is a chart showing the SUV market share in South Australia over the last 12 months and shows strong growth.

Year-Over-Year comparison of October registrations from 2017 to 2018:

  • New Cars (light vehicles) down by 3% (-173)
  • Motorcycles down by 13% (-45)
  • Tractors and Industrial Machinery up by 11% (+27)
  • Caravans (+1)
  • Truck and Bus up by 44% (+70)

Used light vehicle registrations (including first time registered in SA, which could be made up of interstate transfers, for example) totalled 27,962. This was 3% up on October last year by 903 units and 10% up on September by 2,543 units.

To analyse who is selling what, we can only use the data from transfers originating inside the state. The reason for this is that for any used cars that are first time registered in South Australia, for example, DPTI do not record the source of the transfer (private, business, dealer or government). The following analysis is therefore based on 25,507 units for the month (2,455 were first time registered in SA).

From the data that the MTA receives from DPTI, we can assume that Dealer transfers to combined Private and Business entities are an accurate representation of licensed vehicle dealer sales in the used car market. Business entities are recorded by DPTI as any ABN holder that is not a licensed vehicle dealer.

These “dealer sales” totalled 5,725 for the month. This is up by 630 units on September and up 484 units on October 2017 (9.2% increase Year-over-Year).

October’s private market totalled 14,559 vehicle transfers. This is up 408 units Year-over-Year (only a 2.9% increase). So the dealer to private market gained some ground on the private to private market this month.

The October Motorcycle Registration Reports show that There were 1,828 total registrations (new and used). This is 1% up on October 2017 (+14 units) and up 10% on September (+164 units).

New registrations (at 300 units) were down 14 units on September (-4.7%) and down by 46 units on a strong October 2017.

October’s Used registrations of 1,528 were 60 units up on October 2017 and 178 units up on September.

Dealer to Private registrations had its strongest month for the year at 141 units.

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