ACCC finds independent fuel retailers generally have the lowest prices

Public news

The ACCC’s Report on petrol prices by major retailer in 2019 and 2020 reinforces the MTA’s claim to support your local independent fuel retailer, with independent petrol chains found to generally have lower petrol prices.

MTA CEO Paul Unerkov said “The ACCC’s report is further evidence that South Australians should support their local independent fuel retailer with motorists able to save up to $330 a year.

“The ACCC’s petrol monitoring reports consistently show that independent fuel retailers have lower petrol prices in Adelaide.

“Not only can buying petrol from an independent fuel retailer help to save you money, independent fuel retailers help drive down the price of petrol by increasing competition and keeping the big guys honest.

“Additionally, the range in petrol prices has increased over the past 4 years with the difference between the highest priced and lowest priced retailer increasing from 5.6 cents in 2017 to 12.7 cents in 2020. This just reinforces the importance of supporting your local independent fuel retailer.

“To save money and help to keep the price of petrol down, go to the list of independent, MTA member service stations near you,”

Adelaide - Difference between each major retailer's annual average petrol price and the market annual average petrol price in 2020