460 defect notices issued to motorists during police blitz

Public news

A recent safety blitz on Adelaide roads has revealed an alarming number of unroadworthy vehicles currently being driven, with some drivers were aware their vehicle was defectable.

Out of the 460 defect notices issued, 29 motorists were cautioned for breaching vehicle standards and 16 were issued with expiation notices for driving contrary to a defect notice or breaching vehicle safety standards.

The defect notices sparked a heated debated on social media with many motorists outing themselves as driving a vehicle that they knew was potentially defectable. Superintendent Robert Gray, Officer in charge of the Traffic Support Branch said, “Bald tyres, broken lights, worn brakes and a range of other issues are not minor matters, they are faults that lead to serious crashes, serious injuries and people dying.”

Superintendent Gray spoke to the public reiterating the MTA’s message about what a roadworthy vehicle looks like saying, “A roadworthy vehicle is one that complies with standard vehicle requirements including wheels and tyres, steering, brakes, seatbelts, lamps and reflectors, exhaust and emission controls, windscreens, wipers and vehicle bodies and chassis.”

The sheer number of defect notices issued demonstrates the need for greater checks on South Australian vehicles. Mandatory vehicle inspections are the least expensive, most efficient way to improve the standard of vehicles on South Australia’s roads and save lives.

The MTA will continue to highlight to the Government and road users the importance of having vehicles regularly inspected to identify risks and the role this plays in saving lives.