2018/19 Annual Report and Financial Report

Public news

The 2018/19 financial year was another busy one for the MTA and our members and the Annual Report highlights the many achievements for your business, membership and training and employment services over the last financial year.

The 2018/19 Annual Report highlights:

  • A return to surplus for the association
  • An increase in member enquires to our Workplace Relations department
  • Advocacy in relation to mandated Codes of Conduct, submissions and reviews and training measures including:
    • A Draft Code of Conduct Governing the sharing of Repair and Servicing Information
    • Advocated for a mandated Code of Conduct ensuring there is a better co-operative relationship between collision repairers and insurance companies and that your business is protected from unjust pressure from insurance companies
    • Submissions in relation to ACL, a Franchising Code of Conduct, skilled migration and the national VET Review.
  • Ongoing work in relation to our Schools Pathways Program and increased measures in encouraging more young people to take up an automotive trade, fighting the skills shortage you face
  • An increased number of training sites, training hours and number of apprentices in training at the MTA
  • Achievements in relation to your specific divisions including:
    • Lobbying for bi-partisan support in introducing an Automotive Industry Specific Franchising Code of Conduct
    • Development of an Access to Repair Information Policy
    • Additional support paths for BRD members
    • Successful negotiations in increasing oversize and overmass allowances in relation to the movement of agricultural machinery
    • Successful negotiations with the State Government to legislate specific changes and harmonise tyre diameter and wheel track variations with the National Code of Practice

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