What are some pain points with Workers Compensation

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Workers Compensation is often not explored by businesses until something goes wrong. In many instances this can cause further issues, i.e. the accident for which the Workers Compensation is being claimed could have been avoidable, or time and effort have been wasted in trying to muddle ones way through the process and paperwork.

Renee from Complete Alignments, was encouraged to look at MTA training by her manager who advised “the MTA offers decent courses at decent prices”. She sought out and proactively undertook the MTA Workers Compensation training to gain a sound understanding of the Workers Compensation process. This enabled her to implement supportive practices within her workplace and keep important records required when navigating what can be a large amount of work that also requires empathy and understanding.

A revelation for Renee was “the rehabilitation side of things when workers come back from cover. Not being overly sensitive but being mindful that their lives have changed for quite an extended period of time. Everyone has to be on board when someone comes back into the workplace. I could see how that would affect people if they weren’t treated fairly or equally.

“Cos was absolutely awesome at explaining everything.

“We definitely implemented changes. Specifically checking in. It was an eye opener and I was able to apply what I had learnt with any new and existing cases. It’s important for our workers to feel comfortable to take breaks as they need and have variations available for their normal tasks on the job. Making sure everyone in the business was aware that they have come back from an injury and would not be 100% like they were beforehand was also important. So there were some processes we changed and just checking in more.

“Since the course, we know the reporting requirements and have improved processes to cover both conversations with doctors and employees.

Renee continued “I found one bit very interesting. The ‘Whole Person Impairment’ side of things, when the doctor assesses the injured person.” The course goes into detail about entitlements surrounding the different types and levels of injury or impairment and the requirements of the employer.

ReturnToWork SA and NT WorkSafe are the guardians of Workers Compensation in South Australia and the Northern Territory respectively. Workers Compensation itself is essentially a type of insurance payment to employees that are injured in the course of their work or fallen ill due to their working conditions.

Workers Compensation payments include an employees wages while they are unable to work and/or medical expenses or rehabilitation.

Given that Workers Compensation is governed at the state and territory level, there are differences across the board. However, there are some common threads that you should be mindful of:

  • There are things you can do before an accident occurs that will either avoid the incident OR make responding to an accident much easier and safer for everyone. Possibly also less expensive too!
  • The incident that resulted in a Workers Compensation claim may have had a traumatic impact on the person or persons in question.
  • You have to meet certain deadlines and timeframes to ensure you are compliant and not held liable for any negligence.
  • There is a lot of paperwork involved.

You can make your life a lot easier if you have an understanding of Worker’s Compensation under your belt.

“Each topic was covered really well. The training was great and very well planned out” Renee, Complete Alignments.

To get on the front foot, join our team of specialists for a Workers Compensation course on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 by calling 8291 2000 or clicking here to enrol. Both MTA members and non-members can attend, however MTA members receive their member discount.

If you require further Workers Compensation support MTA members can also contact our team of specialists on 8291 2000.