Supporting school transport

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Representatives of the Bus and Coach industry attended a National Disability Policy and Programs workshop on Tuesday last week to discuss possible options for the delivery of supported school transport under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Currently, supported school transport is funded and delivered by State and Territory governments, with arrangements differing in each jurisdiction. Transport providers are mostly contracted by the government.

The catalyst for changing this mechanism is that the NDIS’s core objective is for individuals to have choice and control over aspects of their lives where the NDIS is involved.

There were two proposals discussed whereby customers can make bookings with accredited providers directly, or access to these services can be provided by an NDIS transport broker.

Members can access the discussion paper by Clicking here.

Views amongst transport providers in the room reflected strong support for current arrangements, with many not seeing a need for change. There were also a number of difficulties relating to pricing and safety which make implementation of the two proposals problematic.

The MTA will be making a submission on the discussion paper. Members are urged to contact Nathan Robinson with any comments or questions by clicking here.