Last call for our Electric Vehicles Working Group!

Public news

The State Government is asking for industry feedback on a state wide strategy to increase Electric Vehicle adoption. You need to be ready for this change to ensure you gain the benefits of it.

The MTA is facilitating direct Member feedback to government through a specially convened Electric Vehicle Working Group tomorrow at 10 am, 3 July 2019. The meeting will help Members understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities of an Electric Vehicle future.

Mr Richard Day, the Director of the State Government’s Low Carbon Industry Development unit, as well as members of his team, will be presenting case studies from overseas to illustrate the practical challenges the transition to Electric Vehicles pose and discussing how you can protect and grow your business in the transition period.

You will also be able to provide feedback to the Government’s discussion paper, available by clicking here to help identify the support you need as Electric Vehicle use increases.

Click here to access PwC's, Recharging the Economy, the economic impact of accelerating electric vehicle adoption.

Please click here to register for the Working Group to be held at 10am, 3 July 2019, at MTA House, 81 Greenhill Road.