A great early return to work story for an injured MTA apprentice

Public news

A 4th Year Apprentice Automotive Body Repair apprentice suffered a fractured left index finger as a result of manoeuvring a vehicle’s bull-bar, causing a crush injury.

The apprentice was immediately treated onsite by the First Aid Officer and was taken to a medical centre for further review. The Medical Practitioner cleared the apprentice to return back to work on modified work hardening duties the very next day.

The host employer’s early intervention processes and commitment to providing immediate suitable work hardening duties was a key element to the apprentice remaining at work during the recovery period and making a full return back to normal duties within ten days.

It is great to see that there is such a high awareness and support in host employers providing short term work hardening duties to assist injured workers make a full recovery.

Well done O-Bahn Crash, keep up the great work!

The MTA works with a number of employers and workers manage their return to work matters. If you need any assistance in Return to Work, contact Cos Lamberto at MTA by clicking here.