Fatigue related heavy vehicle 12t law – NHVR Information Evening follow up

Public news

There was some contention about 12t vehicle fatigue laws and requirements to maintain electronic work diaries at the recent NHVR Chain of Responsibility meeting on 4 June.

Operations Manager Regulatory Compliance for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Chris Kummerow has since followed up on this query and has clarified advice given to members on the night.

The advice given on the night in regards to s 7 of the HVNL defines a fatigue-regulated heavy vehicle as:

  • A motor vehicle with a GVM of more than 12t
  • A combination with a GVM of more than 12t
  • A bust built or fitted to carry more than 12 adults (including the driver)

A GVM is defined in s 5 as “the maximum loaded mass of the vehicle stated by the manufacturer”.

It is the mass stated by the manufacturer that it could carry, not what it is actually carrying or weighs that matters.

Members can also find resources mentioned on the June 4 meeting by clicking here. This link includes the checklist that members asked for and more information about Safety Management Systems.

If members require further advice on any issue brought up at the NHVR Information Evening, click here to email Industry Engagement Specialist Paul Back.

All parties involved in the transport of goods have a shared responsibility under the Chain of Responsibility laws. Following the recent NHVR Information Evening, the MTA is offering members a CoR Safety Management System for $295 per business. Click here to order.