Facial fracture to full recovery for apprentice following fantastic host employer action!

Public news

A Fourth Year MTA Heavy Vehicle Apprentice suffered a fractured right eye socket as a result to replacing a heavy vehicle suspension airbag when the bottle neck jack suddenly slipped striking the him in the face.

The apprentice was immediately treated onsite before being taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department for assessment and treatment. The apprentice underwent surgery later that day to repair the facial fracture and was sent home the following day to commence his recovery and rehabilitation back to work.

It is with fantastic news that we report after four weeks of recovery, the treating doctor has certified the apprentice fit to return back to full time pre-injury normal duties.

The MTA and the Host Employer worked together to investigate the unfortunate SafeWork SA Notifiable Incident and identified a number of safety improvements when performing the replacing of a heavy vehicle suspension airbag task whilst on call to prevent the incident from re-occurring.

It is great to see that there is such a high awareness from Host Employers regarding their first aid procedures and post injury support.

The MTA works with a number employers and workers manage their return to work matters. If you need any assistance in Return to Work, contact Cos Lamberto at the MTA by clicking here.