‘100 Jobs of the Future’

Public news

100 new occupations that could emerge in the next decade have been identified in a report conducted by Ford Australia, Deakin and Griffith Universities.

‘100 Jobs of the Future’ showcases the roles that will address challenges in relation to ageing populations, climate change and artificial intelligence and also has implications for the automotive industry.

Of the 100 jobs in the report, four new job roles surrounding autonomous vehicle technology that could emerge are:

  • Automated Transit System Trouble shooter, who could address problems that occur in an automated transit system
  • Automated Vehicle Profile Designer, who could customise self-driving vehicles
  • Robot Mechanics, who could maintain autonomous vehicles
  • Farm Safety Advisor, who could ensure that autonomous agricultural machinery has the latest software, are maintained properly and that automated machinery does not enter areas they aren’t supposed to, such as bodies of water.

With connected cars, autonomous vehicles and ridesharing models on the horizon, there are exciting opportunities ahead for businesses.

Cross disciplinary abilities, collaboration, problem solving abilities, creative, social intelligence, manual dexterity, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills were all identified in the report that future employees will need to have across a range of industries. As automotive business owners, you will need to start thinking about how your own business models will adapt in the next decade to prepare for the influx of autonomous technology and your Technicians will need to be upskilled to accommodate consumer demand, driven by manufacturers.

There are many exciting opportunities available and apprentices entering the automotive industry now and in the near future will have a lot to look forward to as technology and automotive workshops evolve.

You can access the report by clicking here.