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The MTA is expanding its school pathways program, with the introduction of a new School Pathways Coordinator.

Welcome to Andrew Parkes, who is eager to start engaging with young people, parents and schools and promote the opportunities available in our evolving industry.

Andrew brings with him an automotive background, combined with a drive for marketing and networking.

Andrew said, “From being an automotive apprentice myself, through to working as a mechanic, I’ve always enjoyed the industry. There are so many opportunities to explore.”

“While I’ve spent the last few years as an award winning mortgage broker, that role gave me the confidence to make long lasting relationships and rapport building.”

“Using these relationship building skills and my passion for the automotive industry, I will be driving outcomes in schools, increasing the MTA’s presence at expos and online.”

“If any members or apprentices would like to get involved in our school pathways program, I am happy to take their calls to see how we can include you in promoting automotive opportunities. It is essential that we work together, highlighting to young people that the industry is experiencing rapid change and there so many different avenues open in the automotive space.”

The MTA also has exciting projects currently being set up, including the delivery of a (AUR20520) Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology, giving students the underpinning knowledge and skills they need for a full-on apprenticeship.

Andrew said, “It’s important that kids see the pathways they can take, from sparking that interest at the expo level, obtaining key skills through a Certificate I or II, onto a four year apprenticeship and then into promising careers in the industry.”

If you would like to get involved in our School Pathways Program, click here to contact Andrew.