Light vehicle inspections are a must to improve safety on our roads!

Public news

The NSW Department of Transport, Roads and Maritime Services in New South Wales is facilitating a six month trial in designated areas to enable mobile safety inspections. If the trial is successful, this service could be rolled out across NSW which would provide flexible options for obtaining e-safety check (pink slips) for vehicles.

The new mobile trial is being applied to light vehicles, motorcycles, trailers and caravans. The mobile examiner will send all inspection results direct to the NSW Department of Trasport, Roads and Maritime Services. Throughout the six month trial, the Department will maintain inspection and certification programs in an effort to ensure that all vehicles are meeting minimum vehicle safety requirements.

Road safety is everyone’s responsibility and mobile inspections are one way in which vehicles can be further inspected on South Australian roads.

More avenues must be explored locally by the new Liberal Government and the MTA is well placed to help facilitate such an inspection scheme following the successful trial and creation of the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme.

The MTA will continue to closely watch the current trial being conducted in NSW with any positive results used to support such a scheme in South Australia.