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Public news

Annual Wage Review

Friday 09 July, 2021

The Fair Work Commission has increased the National Minimum Wage and all award minimum wages by 2.5%.

Public news

Call us first before dismissing an employee!

Friday 09 July, 2021

A lot can go wrong when you are ending an employment relationship, but you can avoid claims or be in a better position to defend claims if you get the appropriate advice before taking action.

Public news

Casual terms award review

Friday 09 July, 2021

The Fair Work Commission has been tasked to review relevant terms in modern awards to ensure consistency and appropriate interaction.

Members event

Employment Contract Essentials

Wednesday 28 July, 2021

Ever considered that an employee may leave your business and take your clientele with them? Hiring employees is a great opportunity for growth however, not all employment experiences end positively. A contract can ensure compliance with the law, protect your customer lists and intellectual property and help prevent unfair dismissal or underpayment claims. The recruitment and on-boarding process is also a critical component of ensuring contracts are correct and binding. ...

Members event

Automotive Dismantlers AGM

Thursday 05 August, 2021

You are invited to attend the upcoming Automotive Dismantlers AGM on 5th August 2021. Attendance may be either in person or via video conference from the comfort of your home or business. Appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols will be in place. All Divisional members are encouraged to attend the meeting which will enable you to participate in roundtable discussions and to network with other like minded business owners from the ...

Public event

Enterprise Agreements and Bargaining

Wednesday 11 August, 2021

Having employees is vital to grow your business. As you grow, you may find that the Awards set by the government don’t meet your business needs, or that there may be better alternatives for your business. Enterprise Agreements and Bargaining provide more flexibility with the rules of engagement between employees and employers and can replace what an Award would otherwise cover. This course supplies practical learning on: What an ...